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 Fenix for Dreamcast Section

This is the DCEmu UK Dreamcast Fenix Section, Fenix was ported to the Dreamcast and GP32 by Chui.


Fenix is a simple high-level game creation language, based on DIV. The Fenix compiler generates a bytecode file that is executed, using a runtime, in a "sandbox" similar to Java, and games can be written and run on the Dreamcast in this manner.

Multi Game Fenix Releases

GBAX 2005 Fenix Compilation June 12th 2005

DCEmu Fenix Vol 2 Mar 6th 2005

DCEmu Fenix Vol 1 Feb 2nd 2005

Fenix 24 Game Compilation 8Th Jan 2005

NazcaPack (4 Games Pack) November 23rd 2004

Fenix Compilation

Single Game Fenix Releases

PixPang 2nd July 2005

Paraball 12th April 2005

Space Dodger 31st March 2005

Metal Slug 32x 27th March 2005

Scalextric 13th Jan 2005

GP Dragoon 13th Jan 2005

The Bubble Machine 13th Jan 2005

World Chapas Championship 13th January 2005

Devilish Racing 13th January 2005

ShapeShifters Dec 2004

Blambastic Dec 2004

Camaleon Jan 8th 2005

Subhunt Dec 27th 2004

Super GP Ball Dec 17th 2004

Star System December 11th 2004

Fenix Tetris 2 December 11th 2004

AntiPong December 10th 2004

Malvado December 9th 2004

AstroChaos December 8th 2004

MiniGolf December 6th 2004

Streetfighter 2 Pong December 3rd 2004

Xenon Omega Blast December 2nd 2004

New SuperPang November 22nd 2004

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