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 DCEmu.co.uk Needed Tools Section

This is the Needed Tools section for DCEmu.co.uk

Burning Software

For files on this site you will need one of the following for the type of file downloaded.

Discjuggler files need to be burned with Discjuggler ,you can download a trial version from the official site.

Nero files need to be burned with Nero ,you can download a trial version from the official site.

Self Boot Inducer Files can be burnt with either Nero or Discjuggler depending on how you create the image.

New Releases at top

May 25 2008 - Binchecker 2.0.4

March 19th, 2008 - IP.BIN Writer 0.1.6a

March 14th, 2008, Code::Blocks - DC Dev R2

March 13th, 2008, DC Dev R4 Dev-C++ Guide

March 13th, 2008 DC Dev ISO R4

March 13th, 2008 BootDreams 1.0.6b released!

March 10th, 2008 - SDL / OpenGL

7th March 2008 dc-tool GUI 2.0.2

22th December 2007 VMI Writer 1.0.4

18th December 2007 BootDreams v1.0.6a

4th December 2007 MR Writer 0.3

10th September 2007 Code::Blocks - DC Dev

15th August 2007 1ST_READ.BIN Checker 2.0.3a

8th August 2007 IP.BIN Writer 0.1.5

14th June 2007 DCStella ROMs list maker 0.1

7th June 2007 MDS4DC v0.1b released.

7th June 2007 Region Changer v0.3 Released

16th April 2007 Mac Dream Tool v3.0.57

13th April 2007 CDI4DC v0.3b released

27th January 2007 Shenmue Save Converter

27th November 2006 DC Dev ISO R3

20th November 2006 Selfboot Inducer v4.0

23rd October 2006 Provlist_for_GenesisPlusDC

28th September 2006 GenesisPlusDC RomLister

22nd September 2006 SoA Saves Editor

July 23rd, 2006 VMU Explorer

May 26th, 2006 VMU TOOL PC v1.0

April 10th, 2006 - Eazyboot

March 7th, 2006 - SbiLinux Beta

25th January 2006 DCI4VMI v1.0

25th January 2006 BootDreams 0.6.1 FINAL released

25th January 2006 VMU2GIF v1.0

25th January 2006 DC Save Converter v1.0

20th November 2005 / VMU Backup CD v1.3.0 Released

A new version is ready, and this time with a pretty nice surprise.
The VMU CD now implements the VMU emulator SoftVMS by Marcus Comstedt (ported to KallistiOS by DirtySanchez). With the built-in VMU emulator you'll be able to play VMU minigames on your TV without having to transfer the minigames to a visual memory unit.

VMU emulator SoftVMS implemented
Added more games and saves
60 mini games available
350 games listed with over 3200 saves


20th November 2005 / BootDreams 0.6 released

A new version of BootDreams released with some new features.

What's new:
- New: Option to hide the IP.BIN on a burned disc
- New: Option to disable RockRidge, Joliet, and long filenames
- New: Ability to not merge last session of a multi-session disc
- New: Options are disabled if current task does not use it
- Change: CDRecord multi-session now in format drop-down box
- Update: BootDreams help file

Homepage / Download

20th Nov 2005 / DC-Tool GUI 2.0 released
Mon 14 Nov 2005, 2:03 AMby fackue

I've released a new version of DC-Tool GUI.
(not to be confused with SiZiOUS' DC-Tool GUI)

What's new:
- New: Support for DC-Tool IP 1.0.4
- New: Download the BIOS
- New: Download the Flash
- Update: Now uses DC-Tool serial 1.0.3
- Fixed: Completely rewritten
- Fixed: Removed COMDLG32.OCX dependency

Homepage / Download

NeoCD/SDL DC Selfboot V2 This will scan the selected directory for you and let you know if you're missing any files, or if you have the wrong BIOS image

BOR mod loader by DCdayDreamer for loading Beats of Rage Mods :P

Bor Mod Loader SBI file by BurnerO

Self Boot Inducer v4 by BurnerO is the ultimate application for your PC to make Dreamcast cds full of emulators, games, demos, apps and much more.

Linux Tools/Scripts

dc_cd_wizard.sh : a script that makes dc cd recording a breeze
nesterdc-7.1-ez.tar.gz : a customized nester dc release with an EASY build script
bootable_dc.tar.gz : a utility to create IP.BIN files and scramble 1ST_READ.BIN (bootstrap for dc)

More to Come as we build the site.


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