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Name Minigolf (Fenix Game for Dreamcast)

Author Licantropo - Adapted for Dreamcast by wraggster

Feedback here --> http://dreamcast.dcemu.co.uk/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=Fenix;action=display;num=1101685188


Mini Golf game for the Dreamcast.


thanks to GP32Xtreme for the screenshot


Here discjuggler image


Feedback from Atari (thanks)

Use the D pad to select the course. Press start. Select options (they all seem to work, but are in Spanish, so I'm not even sure what they are. I suppose i could babelfish them). Use D pad to move crosshairs to aim ball. Press A to shoot ball. It doesn't appear that you can adjust the speed of the ball in this game, but as I don't know Spanish, that may be one of the options. All three course selections work fine. I suppose you could say that this works perfectly, but someone who knows Spanish could probably tell you for sure.

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