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 Beats of Rage for Dreamcast Section

This is the DCEmu UK Dreamcast Multimedia Section, here you will find all the Beats of Rage Mods hosted by DCEmu UK and DC Homebrew.

DDragon SNK - Jan 2nd 2010

Chrono Killer - July 13th 2009

Dragons of Rage - July 5th 2009

Wonder Momo 09 - June 7th 2009

Double Dragon Unleashed - June 6th 2009

Street Fighter Origins: Red Cyclone Zangief

- June 6th 2009

Phantasy Star Online BOR mod - April 8th 2009

Vendetta Marvel vs DC - April 5th 2009

Cosmic Damage - March 25th 2009

Sega Genesis Mega Brawler - Nov 2009

DDragon SNK - March 9th, 2009

Final Fantasy I - March 6th, 2009

Chaotix Rage - Feb26th 2009

Code Name Saviour V - Jan 9th 2009

Skull Kingz - Jan 8th 2009

Splatterhouse Trilogy - Dec28th 2008

Golden Axe Genesis - Dec 31st 2008

Crime Buster - Dec 24th 2008

Ladies of rage - Nov 7th 2008

Chaotix Rage - October 15th 2008

Hyperduel - October 4th 2008

Elfenlied - July 27th 2008

Knights & Dragons - May 7th, 2008

Captain Commando And The Avengers by Gabo-Hanzo - March 10th, 2008

Final Fight: The Last Round Special Edition Released !- July 1st, 2006

Megaman Xtreme Legend - July 17th, 2006

Battletoads DC - September 9th, 2006

Golden Axe Remake DC - February 13th, 2008

Final Fight the Last Round 20th November 2005

Beats of Fighting 20th November 2005

Beats of Rage Memory Conserve Edition

Kill Ryu Vol 2

Kill Bill 18th September 2004

Ed Edd & Eddy Kanker Attack 17th September 2004

Aliens vs predator Aftermath 14th September

Joe & Mac July 12th 2004

Kirbys Blast June 11th 2004

Samurai Pizza Cats Alpha Demo - June 1st 2004

These Beats of Rage Mods are hosted by BOR Revolution

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