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  System 16 Emulators for Dreamcast Section

Name System 16 Emu

Author Reaper http://imrtechnology.ngemu.com/sga.htm


Sega System 16 Emu emulator for the Dreamcast console.




Binary- Here


RADsoft prsents SYSTEM16 SEGA BETA 2 10/2/03

THE new version has these feature's
-fullscreen postion now right
-sound now much better
-sound does not have the tick buzzing sound in most games now
-fullspeed with out sound
-with sound its about fullspeed on most game's not all
- new games supported
Some of the fix's like the video mode are now fixed i could not stand the buzzing ticking now its gone if it does start up on a game some times
its due to the last game dirtying it so if you have a fav game select it first
the FM voices are harder to hear and not over loud now so 2 sound problems fixed THE SOUND IS NOW NOT tHE SAME so get verison 1 if you dont like it

Not all the games on the list work but they dont on mame36 16 ether as i added some more games all the one's that worked before still work
and some new games plus all romsets of the same game like set 1 2 3 now are there to try

some of the newly support games have major problems and it will take porting the new mame system 16 driver to my source base
to fix them

ONLY TRY OUT RUN WITH the sound off its a dual system16 game so its 2 times as slow the analog stick is the steering wheel and to go forward press it forward and it works etc

2nd version use's parts of my old quake sound system so it sounds less stereo but is faster but any ways thats why its a beta! has a AM radio sound

but speed improvement is worth it to me at this stage

if you want full stereo type sound get version 1 but it has a ticking sound to go along with it !

BURN info

1ST_READ.BIN is scrambled for selfbooting

you must burn the intro2 dir on the cd and the 1ST_READ.BIN on the root with a ip bin you must havea roms dir with your zipped romsets in the roms dir

im not including a ip bin as thats not realy my job get one out of nesterDC or other emulators the one i have has a add for a site in it

burn as you would any other self boot

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