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  Pokemon Mini Emulators for Dreamcast Section

Name PokeMini Dream

Author JustBurn


Pokemon Mini emulator for the Dreamcast console.



Binary- Here ntsc version v2

Binary- Here pal version v2

CD Image with Homebrew Roms pal Here Thx kujo29 v1

CD Image with Homebrew Roms ntsc Here Thx kujo29 v1

Binary- Here ntsc version

Binary- Here pal version

BIN need to be scrambled if you burn to CD-R!


-: Release 1 :-
. Same as PokeMini Emulator 0.27
. No sound/rumble emulation yet
. GFX is optional (But Recommended), load from CD-R, Serial Cable or Broadcast(Untested)
-: Keys :-

Button A = Select File

Button B = Go Parent Directory

DPAD Left = Move Prev. Page

DPAD Right = Move Next Page

DPAD Up = Cursor Up

DPAD Down = Cursor Down


Button A = Button A of Pokemon Mini

Button B = Button B of Pokemon Mini

Button Y = Button C of Pokemon Mini

Button X = Not Used yet (For Shock Detector)

DPAD Left = DPAD Left of Pokemon Mini

DPAD Right = DPAD Right of Pokemon Mini

DPAD Up = DPAD Up of Pokemon Mini

DPAD Down = DPAD Down of Pokemon Mini

Joystick X/Y = Same as DPAD

Start = Power Button of Pokemon Mini

L+R Triggers (Less that 2 secs pressed) = Reset ROM

L+R Triggers (More that 2 secs pressed) = Go to Filelist

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