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 MicroBee 128k Emulators for Dreamcast Section

Name Nanowasp DC

Author Quzar - http://www.screamcast.net/


Nanowasp DC is a MicroBee 128k emulator for the Dreamcast console.



The original emulator can be found here: http://nanowasp.sourceforge.net/

Requires a DC keyboard.

Download scrambled bin HERE

Download source HERE

One of the two following bootdisk images is required. EDIT: look to bottom

Bootdisk1 contains the standard OS without a shell, Wordstar, and basic.

Bootdisk2 contains a shell with basic and a few small games written in basic

The only note that needs to be made is that once the emulator boots up, it must be rebooted by hitting F11 in order to begin the OS.

EDIT: Also, you may use the tool found here: http://www.seasip.demon.co.uk/Unix/LibDsk/ to create your own boot images if you find software for the system you wish to play on the emulator.

Information and Credits



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