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Name Dreamer

Author Elsemi


Early Dreamcast Emulator for windows.





DREAMER The SEGA Dreamcast(tm) Emulator

(C) 2000 ElSemi


SEGA and DREAMCAST are registered trademarks of SEGA Enterprises LTD
This emulator is not related in any way with SEGA.
The main purpose of this emulator is to help programmers to make software
for Dreamcast without the expensive SEGA KATANA DevBox.
This emulator doesn't use any information, software, DevKit, etc that is
protected by copyright, all is based on public documentation.
This emulator WILL NOT run commercial games, the little support that currently
the emulator has, has been intentionally broken.

Dreamer requires Directx 8.

Using Dreamer:

In the main screen you'll see the following options:
-Debugger Enables the Debugger
-Run Executes the currently loaded CD/ISO/Files
-Configure Configure the emulator and plugins
-Exit ???

To exit the emulator while running, hit ESC.

Configuration screen:

You can configure several aspects of the emulator:

-System: Options about the main core

-CPU: Configuration of the CPU core

-Dynarec Buffer Size: Amount of memory reserved to
recompile the code. Recom: 12 MB
-Dynarec Hash Size: Size of the index table to already
recompiled opcodes. Recom: 8 MB
-Version and core: Current core and its version.

-Peripherals Dreamcast peripherals, currently none emulated

-Plugins Dreamcast peripherals controlled by external plugins
You can change the current plugin with the < and >
buttons above.

-Video PowerVR plugin

- 2D/3D Select "2D only" for Demos and others
Select "3D only" for 3D Demos

-Update on VSync: Updates every Vertical sync
PageFlip: Updates on Page Switch

-Audio None: requires patches, see patches.txt
-Loader Program loader and GDROM emulation
-Controller Controller (Pad) emulation





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