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  Amstrad CPC Emulators for Dreamcast Section

Name Dream-CPC

Author JMD


Amstrad CPC emulator for the Dreamcast console.



Alpha 3 Here 16th October 2005

Changes are :
- Correct the the key mapping bug
- Recode the file browser
- recode the auto screen size
- add the border color
- correct some sound pbm : add speed + sound better
- Change timing main loop : add speed

It still a lot of improvement to do so I need your help. Please give me feed back about :
- compatibility
- recurrent bugs (if you find the same bug in many games)
- Gui improvement I can add
- Port pbm ( sound render, gfx render etc …)

Thanks to all your supports and testers (ron ). Have fun with this release.

Alpha 2 Here 12th June 2005

Sbi Here

Binary Here


JMD has just released his port of Win-CPC called DreamCPC.

This is a fullspeed Amstrad CPC emulator for the Dreamcast.

Some of the features are:

Fullspeed with sound

Support for the Dreamcast Keyboard

Reads from amstrad disk format and zips

Has auto program loading

Screen Adjust

Keys mappable

Includes two games for the system

Works in Chankast

The emulator's menu has 5 icons:

- The Disk Icon opens games and launches them

- The Keyboard Icon opens up a key mapper

- The Dreamcast Icon opens options

- The Question Mark Icon opens info and has the reset in it

- The Joystick Icon returns to the emulator

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