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  Colecovision Emulators for Dreamcast Section

Name DColem

Author Gonzo - http://dcolem.emuunlim.com/


Colecovision emulator for the Dreamcast console.



Binary- Here

Self Boot Version - Here


[D]Colem is a port of ColEM (a Colecovision emulator).

About the Colecovision:
This mid-80s console had games like Donkey Kong (the pack-in), Donkey Kong Junior, Carnival, Lady Bug, Mouse Trap, Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle, and Zaxxon. The system's translation of Spy Hunter may be the best version of the game short of arcade emulation. The ColecoVision didn't really have many revolutionary new games, since most of its popular titles were arcade ports. Still, there are a few notable original titles like War Room, Illusions, and Fortune Builder, an early milestone in the style of Sim City.

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