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  A7800 Emulators for Dreamcast Section

Name DC7800 Mess Build

Author Ian Michael


A7800 emulator for the Dreamcast console.




Source - Here


For credit and who has worked on this Read the doc folder full credit to
all people is given in readme files. If it is not then contact me
Enjoy this new release.

- [A2600/A7800] Fixed reset handling. [Nate Woods]

- [A7800] Fixed RAM0 and RAM1 bank handling, which has been broken since MESS
0.61. Ikari Warriors now runs, among other games most likely. [Nate Woods]

- [A7800] Video patch; Choplifter runs better among other games. [Keith

- [A7800P] Minor PAL fix. [dannonew]

- [A7800] Implemented Kangaroo and transparency modes. [Eric Ball]

- [A7800] Removed use of plot_pixel(), resulting in performance gains. [Nate

These changes are now ported to the new DC7800 mess build sound is improved
Speed is up and now much smoother.Geting there close to perfect on some games
Speed does vary across the range of games some run very well other dont.

Games that now run better are
-chopper lifter

FAQ use
How to use ,you will need the bios files named a7800.zip, a7800p.zip, drop these in the bios directory.
So what it looks like on the cd
/BIOS < a7800.zip a7800p.zip
SOFTWARE/a7800 <---games/ roms apps pd games of course!
Or any dir you want your roms as now you can have them any were on the cd. Roms must be unzipped blah.a78 etc


Hightlight cd and press (B) scroll to find were you placed you roms. press (B) to select the rom then press (START) to load the game selected. when at the info screen press any key on the controler. Your game will then load. to access the mess menu press (START&DOWN). you dont need to but its there to play with. To go back to the main gui menu Press(START&A) together. that covers it. wait 20 30 secs for it to go back to the main gui.

How to make an image
http://imrtechnology.ngemu.com/tutdir2boot.htm I wrote it and it has pictures cant be to much easyer can it.? its fore the packman pack but you should be able to see what to do its all the same for every disk.

How to burn the image you created http://imrtechnology.ngemu.com/cdiburn.htm

Problem with asking is all info was there in the readme and how to burn was on my site. But its true if you dont understand or know how to make a SB cd then use the SBI's made for you at the other site. Vast amounts of people have used the 7800 mess build i put out and are waiting for the update and had no trouble burning it.

You could also Burn it to a cdrom then swap it in using my bootdisk app. Make sure to unscrambled the 1ST_READ.bin.

OR burn it to a multisession CD using nero. Then boot the dreamcast with demo loader and then boot the 1ST_READ.bin.


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