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Name Chankast

Author - baktery, unai and garrofi http://www.chanka.org/


New Dreamcast Emulator for windows.

New Screenshots



New Video 26th May 2004

New Video of Chanka Running- Download HERE Real Media Player Vid File size 3.1mb


English Tutorial

Chankast Plugin Dinput v3.0 Released 11th July

Chankast alpha 0.25 Released 07th July 2004

Chankast alpha 0.2a Released 12th June 2004

Chankast alpha 0.2 Released 12th June 2004

Chankast alpha 0.1

Chankast alpha 0.1 newgfx

Chankast alpha 0.1 Capcom hack

The archives dc_flash.bin and dc_bios.bin are required.

We now have a batch file to selfboot your non selfboot programs, mainly done to help run homebrew software, (though incompatibiltys are still there in most case's). It was developed and tested by Pedro. You can get it here.

VMS Browser

VMSBrowser is a tool that will open Chankast VMS.BIN files that store the backup data from an emulated Dreamcast VMU. With this tool you can see the files stored inside the memory.
Chankst frontend2 by RTX

Chankast Frontend V2 is a frontend for chankast, it features

  • Change the DC region: EURO-PAL, JAP-NTSC, US-NTSC
  • Launch the VMS Browser created by ElSemi
  • ( Maximized View )- Now you can run your games in Maximized Window Mode. (You may notice that the menus are in normal view but the games run in maximized view.
  • ( Avi Record )----- - You can save video clips of your favorite game plays in (320 x 240) Avi or (640 x 480) Avi

  • Selfboot GUI Alternitive to Pedro's selfboot by Exoskeltor, so if you have probs there, try this one out.


    Chankast is an advanced SEGA DREAMCAST emulator for x86 platforms.

    This project started 3 months ago, it's a joint venture between baktery, unai and garrofi. It hasn't been easy, a lot of hours and headaches, but we think it's time to release an alpha version. We hope you will be surprise, you can play commercial games at a decent speed with a 2ghz CPU. Chankast is a very fast emulator with no hle parts.

    In the current release, it now supports full screen, has plugin support for cd, and control, has more bug fix's, and now supports win2k.

    We haven't done this emulator to promote piracy, it's a tribute to the great DC.

    The emulator is far from perfect, expect new releases with more speed, better graphics, better sound, and more compatibility :)

    Enjoy the emu. Now you have to believe :) You can use Paypal to make a donation (and motivate us to release new versions:)

    Special thanks to: elsemi ector zezu expert fabien pedro pts vex efx ron pablo to demaar for the Chankast logo and a lot of more people who have supported us

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